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Instruments & Gear

Double Bass

Gus plays a carved double bass handbuilt by Luthier Anton Krutz of Kansas City Strings. It was built in 1995 and has a C-String Extension which allows Gus to play down to a low-C. Gus uses primarily a Realist pickup with a Shadow backup.

Electric Basses

Gus plays on a variety of electric basses. His primary instruments include a 5-String ESP LTD, a 5-String Schecter Model-T, and a 6-String Fretless Schecter Stilleto Studio


Gus uses a SWR Natural Blonde to amplify his double bass. He uses a Gallen-Kruger combo amp for rehearsals and light gigs. Gus's primary electric amp is a Yamaha cabinet with Yamaha Digital Head. 

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